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Web Design & Development Services

Website Design Services

      • Custom Website Design
      • Custom Website Development
      • E-Marketing Campaigns
      • Search Engine Submission
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart
      • Content Development Services
      • Website Maintenance & Management

Static Website Design

A Static Website stores web pages on a server in the same form users will view them. Pages are primarily coded in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) may be used to control page layout. Interactive menus and navigation are coded in Javascript.

This type of website displays the same information to all visitors, thus the information is static. Even if it is periodically updated, it is similar to handing a potential customer or client a printed brochure that provides consistent and standard information.

A Static Website is also called a Classic Website or a Brochure Website. Typically it is 5 – 8 pages and includes information about Company products and services with the use of text, photos, Flash based animation, audio/video, interactive menus and navigation.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic Website pages frequently change or adjust content and/or appearance based on computer environment or interaction of the end user. These web pages are custom generated based on a set of parameters supplied by the browser or end user.

Content changed on the end users computer uses client side scripting languages such as JavaScript, Actionscript, Media Players and PDF plug-ins in order to alter the (DHMTL) Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language.

Dynamic content is often compiled on the server using serve side scripting languages such as PHP. Both client side scripting and server side scripting can be used together to serve up complex web pages and applications.

E-Marketing Campaigns

E-Marketing also known as Web Advertising can involve any combination of the following:

        • Keyword Marketing
        • Backlink Creations
        • Pay Per Click (PPC)
        • Banner Advertising
        • Online Shopping Stores
        • Search Engine Submissions
        • RSS & Blogs
        • Product Support Forums

Our approach to E-Marketing your business will only involve ethical White Hat techniques. Black Hat techniques can result in search engines banning your website or adversely effect your page rank. Additionally it will annoy potential customers with spam and it discredits your business.

Through E-Marketing we seek to strengthen your presence to attract relevant visitors to the site who then become potential customers.

In order to E-Market your business we must first understand your goals. After extensive research we can recommend the right combination of services that will results in a unique E-Marketing strategy that matches the specific requirements of your business.

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission informs search engines that a website is ready for indexing and listing on their search engine results pages. Sharper Images By Design automatically submits all website’s we create to Google, MSN and Yahoo free of charge.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the volume and quality of traffic to a website. The higher your site ranks on a Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), the better chances a potential customer or client will find and visit your website.

SEO can target different kinds of searches, including image search, local search, and industry specific search engines.

As a marketing strategy for increasing a site’s relevance, SEO considers how search algorithms work and the keywords often used to search for products and services. SEO improvement may include improving a website’s source code, presentation, and structure, in order to fix problems that prevent search engines from fully indexing the website.

Effective SEO may require changes to a website’s HTML source code. We recommend SEO policies be incorporated into development and design from website conception.

If your current website requires SEO we can provide you with a detailed report of how to immediately improve your search engine position and if needed implement this plan.

Recommend Meta Tags

Recommend Page Titles

Review Targeted Keywords

Provide Keyword Phrases Analysis & Suggestions

Review Website Content & Provide Structure Suggestions

W3C Report on compliance to International Web Standards

Google Page Ranking System Enhancement Advice

Provide Follow Up and Monthly Progress Review

E-Commerce & Shopping Cart

It can hurt sales if your products and descriptions do not match the professional look of your website. We offer expert assistance in uploading your company’s products to your website on most e-commerce shopping cart systems.

Bulleted listings with bold titles and proper use of white space can make a vast difference in your sales.  Poorly optimized pictures usually load slowly and may cause the loss of a sale. With our shopping cart service we optimize pictures of your sales items for load time and color correct the images to enhance the end users purchasing experience.

We will create an original look personalized for your business. The goal of our E-Commerce solutions focuses on usability and visual impact for the end user while promoting consumer trust and loyalty for future sales.

Content Development Services

Our focus is to keep your Company image, vision and goals intact while presenting your potential customers and clients with the information, products and services they seek in the most effective manner.

Content Development Services include researching, organizing, writing, and editing information.

Website Maintenance & Management

A website is never really finished. Keeping your website fresh, appealing and up to date is vital to your online success. Without consistent website management & website maintenance a website becomes nothing more than static information. If a newspaper, magazine or catalog delivered the same content in every issue it would quickly go out of business.

A website is a virtual customer service representative that must inform customers with up to date information or it will lose repeat visitors and/or sales. Successful business owners are often already challenged with all the different responsibilities of running their business that finding time to develop fresh content and updating their website usually fall to the bottom of the list.

Our low cost website maintenance & management provides the solution  You no longer have to hire an expensive web developer to keep your website fresh. Our website management & maintenance plans are tailored to your needs and budget.



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